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Comic ZERO-SUM (コミック ゼロサム) 2013年 02月号

Caste Heaven


FINALLY GUYS!!! Sorry for taking that long tho uwuuu please enjoy xD~~ And I can see cleaner friends from Sentimiento have done a really good job here, thank you guys so much xD~~


Title: Caste Heaven

Genre: School life, Drama, Yaoi

Author: Ogawa Chise

Status: Ongoing

Scanlation: Sentimiento Yaoi + Ichinko Scans

Download: Mediafire | Mega



Well, seems I had more free time than expected, so here are some translations.

Gakuen K Drama CD tracks authors —

Takahashi Yashichirou (Black): Flower Viewing; The Munakata Reisi Problem
Rairaku Rei (Pink): Medical Check-up; I Am a Cow!
Suzuki Suzu (Orange): Pleasant Excursion Diary; Pillow War; There is no Irregularity; Mikoto, kneel
Furuhashi Hideyuki (Blue): Supplementary Lessons; Making the Demon Cry
Miyazawa Tatsuki (Red): Adultic Bar

Could’ve sworn Miyazawa also wrote School Ghost Story, but I don’t have a source on hand, so don’t take my word on it.

I also found in the depths of my computer some parts of the DVD booklets which contain interviews with Gora and the director. I’m saying parts because it looks like I only saved some pages, resulting in interviews that are cut mid-way or downright missing. If anyone knows where I could find them I would be really grateful. (I’d also be grateful it tumblr didn’t eat messages but oh well)

Anyway, first one is Red!

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In an unexpected turn of events I found the rest of the DVD/BD booklets stashed somewhere on the great Internet by none other than me, so no more scattered pages.

To get to the point though, here’s the second interview, with Orange. Red is here.

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I am so done with this fandom



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