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one piece emo boys

Makes me wonder if the original idea was to have Haru and Rin in separate beds XD

Hatta: And also, the scene in episode 12 where Haruka and Rin have to share a bed due to a hotel mix-up was based on something that actually happened on the Australia location trip. Yokotani-san had an up-close-and-personal encounter with that double bed (haha).
Yokotani: That’s right! …We got out key, stepped into the room, saw there was just one double bed, and it was like, “EEH?!” And while the [male] staff member I was sharing the room with said, “I don’t mind~” I was still, “Noooo no no no.” (haha) Then when we checked with the lobby, we realized that Director Utsumi, who was supposed to have a single room for herself, somehow had wound up with two beds in hers…
Hatta: So the hotel staff member just made a mistake (haha).
❝ Rin taking Haruka to Australia was Director Utsumi’s idea, and even now, I still remember the moment she told us about it. We had these organizational camps where we’d do nothing but discuss the story’s composition the whole time, and it was there that we’d flesh out the general idea of how the story would go. When we’d gotten most everything hashed out, we were still faced with the issue of how Haruka’s feelings would change—it was really difficult deciding what sort of big dramatic event we could bring into his situation, and a lot of ideas were tossed around. But then, in the middle of all of that, Director Utsumi just dropped the bomb: “Why not have him go to Australia?” (haha) And at first, I thought, “That’s totally impossible!” but then I realized that the impossibility of the situation actually made it pretty possible—and that was the moment where I finally saw everything from the beginning of ES’s story to its conclusion. [aside to Hatta] Do you remember that? When I said, “Wait, I feel like I’ve just seen it—I’d like to think about this on my own for a bit, so please leave me alone.” ❞

- Yokotani Masahiro, Spoon 2di (via fencer-x)



Happy birthday, Reisi! 10.01





OK this is the thing i was talking about earlier!


an excerpt from director utsumi’s interview from otona animedia, where she talks of the different relationships within free!:

And then, in the case of Haruka and Rin, the two, who used to be nakama together in the past, had completely changed by the time they had reunited. And yet, because there exists, at their root, a part of them that is charmed* by the idea of swimming with nakama — in the end, no matter how far apart they are, no matter how much they clash, they end up returning to each other. I am personally fond of relationships between those who are rivals, yet friends, and so I was appealed* by the passionate relationship between these two.

* — i used the terms “appealed” and “charmed” to translate 「魅力を感じる」but it’s really a mix of feeling both those things, plus attraction. 

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This thing is so much more important now that the series is over.

No matter how far apart they are (Season 2)

No matter how much they clash (Season 1)

They end up returning to each other (BEING DESTINED TO FUCKING BE TOGETHER FOREVER).

I also really like how she describes this returning: 戻ってきてしまうんです

The use of しまう here is particularly important. Used after the て form of a verb, it indicates an inevitable conclusion, like, “Welp, here we are again…we knew this was going to happen, not like it was avoidable”. This is red-string-of-fate-level shit here, people :|

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